Skinhead fascination.

Daug daug daug informacijos per nedidelį laiko tarpą. Didelis potraukis žinoti viską apie tai. Knygos, informacija. Filmai, informacija. Muzika, informacija. Vaizdai, informacija. Žmonės. Įvairūs žmonės, tačiau daug mažiau informacijos. Matyt, ne tie pasitaikė. Bet be galo didelis susidomėjimas. Prasidėjęs nuo klaustuko. Kodėl jų muzika tokia panaši į ska. Ir še tau atsakymas.

“I wanted 1942 to serve as an experiment,

questioning what stereotype if any surrounded the ‘skinhead.’

Within days I received comments of ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’ signifying

prejudice against a shaven head, when in modern day society diversity

is usually praised and encouraged. The origin of the term ‘skinhead’

is not rooted in racism, the term being corrupted in the 1970’s by the

neo-nazi movement. The term actually stems from the Jamaican skinheads

such as Bunny Wailer, who populated Reggae in the1960’s, some decade

previous. By 1968/69, the ‘skinhead’ wasn’t just a hairstyle but a way of life.

To these working class people, cleanliness, stylish clothes and good

music were dominant. The increasing popularity of Ska music,

a branch of reggae bred the skinhead in their straight jeans,

large boots, white shirts, braces and nylon or leather jackets and

were regularly seen at Judge Dread gigs. Doc Marten, Ben Sherman,

and Vespa scooters were typical designers of the ‘skinhead’ movement,

which dwindled in the mid 70’s. This is around the time the neo-nazi

movement became prominent, as the ‘mod generation’ became

divided and those racist, political hating, violent youths were

the new face, the new stereotype. They popularised themselves

throughout the 80’s and 90’s with bands such as ‘Skrewdriver’

and were akin to increased violence on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

The number of ‘skinheads’ in Britain today is in decline,

as in essence the skinhead is a youth organisation for the youth.

Thus upon reaching full maturity, starting a family and encompassing

different values the need to be in such a group no longer exists

and without the experience and knowledge of older members their

‘skinhead’ values are degenerate. This is why I felt my experiment

was necessary. Would the youth of day, born after the domination

of the neo-nazi still be aware of their values and the attributes,

which contribute to their stereotype? The answer lies within you

the spectator. Consider what you first felt upon viewing 1942.

Did it bring back fond memories of dancing to reggae, Bob Marley

and the ‘Chelsea haircut’ or did it make you envisage violent racists?

Movements begin, grow and they pass. The real reason the ‘Mods’

shaved their head was to avoid lice, for hygiene. Surely the

time close cut hair symbolising a racist has passed.”


(Informacija rasta internete.) (kažkur…)


Vaizdinė medžiaga. Tekstas. Na ir dar truputi vaizdinės medžiagos…

On one hand…

On the other hand…

Ir dar šiek tiek. Atsiprašau, neradau angliškai. Bet kažkur įmanoma rasti…


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